Cushie Tushie Booster Pad

Cushie Tushie Booster Pad

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Cushie Tushie grows with your child! Our booster seat pad makes car rides more comfortable for school-age children. 

All pads come with a standard black cover.  Additional cover options are available for purchase separately.

Cushie Tushie features

  1. Made in the USA
  2. Long term durability and abuse resistance
  3. No leakage if punctured or damaged. Does not contain free liquids
  4. Skin safe. Latex and plasticizer-free
  5. Odor free
  6. Easily cleaned. Wipe clean with paper towel, hand or disinfecting wipes. Can be washed in mild detergent soap solution followed by rinse and pat dry.
  7. The gel is securely sealed in a protective polyurethane -coated fabric
  8. Minimizes skin pressure and skin-shear resulting in long-lasting pain-free sitting comfort
  9. Long term durability and abuse resistance
  10. Pad is only 3/8" thick so it does not interfere with booster seat restraint.