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The Story Behind the Revolutionary Cushie Tushie 
Mother of 4 and Pediatric Neurosurgeon Monica Wehby is ready to share her invention with everyone – bringing comfort to those we love the most.

Your child spends hours in a car. Wouldn’t you do anything to make those car rides as comfortable and pleasant as possible? Cushie Tushie is the answer! This revolutionary product, invented by mom of four and pediatric neurosurgeon Dr. Monica Wehby, is destined to become the top item on every baby registry list. 

The Cushie Tushie is a life saver for busy parents. Whether you’re in the car for a family road trip or a quick grocery run, the Cushie Tushie elevates your child’s comfort level and makes everyone’s ride a lot more pleasant.

If you’ve ever tried to drive with a fussy, crying baby or toddler in the back seat you know how frustrating it is, not to mention distracting. Parents magazine surmised that the time we spend shuttling our kids to school is the equivalent of a part-time job, reporting that a third of parents spend more than 10 hours a week driving their kids around. The Cushie Tushie greatly improves your child’s car ride experience and you’ll be wondering why it took so long for someone to invent such a practical, but ingenious, product!.

The Cushie Tushie aha moment came to Wehby nearly three decades ago as an exhausted neurosurgery resident and new mom. One evening after a long day at work she leaned against the operating room table and noticed how incredibly comfortable the gel pad was. She didn’t want to get up! Later as she strapped her infant son in his hard plastic car seat with its thin cushion, she thought, wouldn’t this same gel-like material make a wonderful car seat cushion for babies and toddlers? Her son had always had difficulty drifting off to sleep and she spent many hours driving him around, hoping to lull him to sleep. She could just imagine how a soft car seat cushion would comfort him.

The Cushie Tushie’s proprietary pad comfortably and evenly distributes your child’s weight, eliminating pressure points. It comes with a soft, removable, machine-washable cover in standard black, with additional covers in fun and colorful designs available to order. It’s designed to fit any standard infant car seat, toddler convertible seat or booster seat. 

Cushie Tushie is a family endeavor. Dr. Wehby developed the prototype for the Cushie Tushie 25 years ago but between work and four children she was unable to perfect it until now, thanks to the help of her sister Margaret. Dr. Wehby’s daughter, Sarah Grant, and her mother, Barbara Wehby, provided input on the finished Cushie Tushie product.

Proudly made in the U.S, the Cushie Tushie is destined to become the must have item for every new parent!